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She calls herself butterybubblebutt.

Let me start by saying it’s not the girl in picture. I used this pic because the girl who calls herself that perhaps wishes she was more of a pawg, but she’s not.

That’s the first reason and my mind would automatically jump to thinking she’s therefore not as hot as she thinks but that’s not true. I would just not class her as a pawg, since she doesn’t have a particularly fat ass and even though the “p” is for “phat” the pun in the meaning is intentional. She does have a phat ass though, a seriously hot ass and she is gorgeous too and probably one of the horniest girls I have ever seen on a chat site.

The other reason I didn’t use her picture is because the ones she has on her profile are just screenies from her shows. They are small and pixelated and she’s got promotional scribbling all over them. They don’t look great and they don’t do her justice either.

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